Fingerprints lead to suspect in deadly home invasion’s arrest in N. Harris County: Officials

HOUSTON – A man who officials believe was the gunman who shot and killed a man during a home invasion in north Harris County appeared in court Wednesday night.

Court documents said the man’s wife and two children were forced into a bathroom before he was killed.

David Gardner, 22, has been charged with capital murder. Authorities said on May 7, Gardner approached a family on a patio and then told them his friend was just shot and needed a place to stay. Investigators said the family let Gardner inside their home and gave him a bottle of water. Minutes later, Gardner held them at gunpoint, authorities said.

The witness stated that the suspect made her and the two children go inside of the bathroom and made 34-year-old Ignacio Cruz, sit on the sofa.

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The woman said she could hear the man demanding money from the Cruz. She said she heard footsteps on the stairwell above their heads then the sound of gunshots. The woman said Cruz was gasping for air. Court officials said Cruz was shot in his head and torso.

Court officials said Gardner left fingerprints on the water bottle, which helped lead detectives to him.

During his court appearance, officials said Gardner was out on bond for evading arrest and unauthorized use of a vehicle. They also said he had been previously convicted of assault with a deadly weapon.

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