Houston Zoo gives four sea turtles a new chance at life in the wild

HOUSTON – Nature has brought some positive perspectives during the coronavirus pandemic and four local sea turtles are getting to be part of the good news.

According to the Houston Zoo, three green sea turtles were found earlier this year near Lake Jackson and Freeport.

The turtles were cold stunned and underweight when they were rescued, but after months of veterinary care and rehabilitation, they were able to regain full health.

According to the Houston Zoo, the fourth turtle – a Kemp’s ridley turtle – was on a hook and line in early May. The hook penetrated the floor of the turtle’s mouth, but it was removed, and the animal was given antibiotics until the wound healed, the zoo said.

On Tuesday, all four turtles were released back into the wild. The three green turtles were released in Christmas Bay and the Kemp’s ridley was released into the Gulf of Mexico, according to the zoo.

Anyone who finds or accidentally catches a sea turtle is asked to contact 1-866-TURTLE-5, so that an expert can assess the turtle and provide care if needed.

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