Local leaders and volunteers provide food and masks to 500 families at Missouri City church

MISSOURI CITY – Volunteers came together at Christ Temple The People’s Church to distribute food and masks to those in need in Missouri City.

Local leaders, including State Representative Ron Reynolds, U.S. Congressman Al Green, church leaders, and Fort Bend Houston Super Neighbor Council 41, were some of the groups that organized on the mass distribution. The Houston Food Bank provided the food.

“We have approximately 1,000 masks that we’ll be giving out,” Reynolds said.

The food drive began at noon Saturday, but cars began to wrap around the block of the neighborhood early. Pam Allen said she arrived three hours early.

“I got up at 7:15 (a.m.), and I made it out here about 8:45 (a.m.),” she said.

Allen said she lost her job, and this giveaway is potentially life-saving.

“I feel very relieved because it’s hard right now,” she said. “It shows that God still resides in people. We come together. That is what God wants us to do.”

Volunteers packed bags of food, which included vegetables, fruits, cabbage, onions and cereal. There was enough food for around 500 families, and each driver also got a mask.

“It’s hard to get some masks right now, but thank God that they gave me some because I got some grandbabies at home,” Lillian Rideout said.

These volunteers were so happy to help in any way they could.

“I wouldn’t rather be in any other place, just to come out and help others,” said volunteer Dana Davis.

Green said this program is essential to many residents.

“This is not to be expected in the US. People are hungry... I’m here today to do my part,” he said.