SUPPORT LOCAL: Get to know J&J Wings and Seafood on Bissonnet who says they have 'taken a hit’

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HOUSTONSupport Local spotlights individual businesses challenged by the coronavirus pandemic and offers ways you can support them. We asked Houston businesses to share their story with us including how the public can help them. Here, we include their stories and how Houston residents can continue to support them during this time. Fill out this form to have your business included.

How did the business start?

Owner Salem Abusbeih and his wife were visiting Houston and out for dinner with family when they discovered J&J Wings and Seafood.

“I had never had wings so crispy and tender in my life,” Abusbeih wrote to KPRC. “The seasoning was perfect and the seafood was so fresh. I knew right then and there that I needed to be a part of this.”

That is when he inquired the owner about starting a franchise and within a few months, Abusebeih moved down to Texas to learn the trick of the trade. For over a year, he worked tirelessly day in and day out learning about the business. Finally, this past August he was able to open up the J&J Wings and Seafood location on Bissonnet. With the help of his family, he was able to build up the restaurant and spread the word in the area. Month after month business progressed and more and more customers began to show.

Where is J&J Wings and Seafood located?

This particular location is in southwest Houston.

How has the outbreak impacted this business?

With the recent events concerning the pandemic, Abusbeih shared that his business has taken a hit, but he has faith in God, the community and his customers that when all of this is over he will be able to continue on his journey towards success.

How can you support this business during the coronavirus pandemic?

You can help this business by placing orders through Uber Eats, Grub Hub or Door Dash.

“Our regulars come from all around the Houston area and they are more than just our customers, they’re our friends,” Abusbeih wrote. “I live, shop, and work in this area and depend on the store’s earnings to support my family.”

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