SUPPORT LOCAL: Desert Gold Group offering virtual services to help Houston restaurants create customized video menus

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HOUSTONSupport Local spotlights individual businesses challenged by the coronavirus pandemic and offers ways you can support them. We asked Houston businesses to share their story with us including how the public can help them. Here, we include their stories and how Houston residents can continue to support them during this time. Fill out this form to have your business included.

What is Desert Gold Group?

Desert Gold Group specializes in video production and content creation that’s tailored to grow brands and businesses.

How did the business start?

“We’ve been in business for 3 years and this what we live and breathe every day. We love helping small businesses grow their social media presence with professional video content and strategy!”

What is the business offering during this time?

The Desert Gold Group is currently offering a virtual service to help restaurants create customized video menus for online orders.

Where is Desert Gold Group located?

Desert Gold Group doesn’t have a physical address but they are based out of Houston.

How can you support this business during the coronavirus pandemic?

You can help this business through its virtual services.

Visit desertgoldgroup.com for more information or give them a ring at (505) 614-4775.

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