Houston couple remains quarantined for nearly a month in San Antonio after coronavirus outbreak on cruise ship

HOUSTON – A Houston couple is among a group of people who remain quarantined at an airbase in San Antonio. They were on board a cruise ship when there was an outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Jessica Feil said that she has worried about her parents’ health and well being for 27 days. Her parents, Terri and David, were first quarantined aboard the Diamond Princess Cruise ship and are currently at Lackland Air Force Base.

“I want answers, I want somebody to be able to tell my mom and dad what they can expect. They haven’t been able to get answers,” Jessica said. “They told them they were going to get to come home today and now they are not."

During a video interview with KPRC 2, David and Terri showed the room where they had spent the last 14 days. The couple said they were packed to leave the base Monday morning when they found out they had to stay.

The Mayor of San Antonio issued an emergency order on Monday that asked evacuees to remain quarantined after officials say a patient was mistakenly released from the Texas Center for Infectious Disease Facility.

David Feil said that he wants more communication and answers from officials.

“They originally told us if we spent 14 days in quarantine and showed no signs, no temperature and no cold and no nothing, which we have, and they have been taking our temperature twice a day for the past 27 days," Feil said. "We have shown no signs of any type of virus, cold flu, nothing. So we were going to be released today and now, whoever the powers at be are, are holding it up and we are being held against our will.”

Jessica said she doesn’t know when she will see her parents again.

“I want answers, I want somebody to tell them what they can expect and be honest with them and hopefully that doesn’t mean another two weeks in quarantine at an air force base,” Jessica said.

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