Ask 2: Why does Texas require a front license plate?

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The Question: Why does Texas require a front license plate?

The Answer: A total of 31 states require front license plates on vehicles. Texas is one of them. The main reason is for security and crime solving. A front license plate makes a vehicle more identifiable on security cameras. If authorities are investigating a crime involving a vehicle (e.g. smash-and-grab or other types of robberies involving vehicles, hit-and-run accidents) it’s much more likely that they can identify a vehicle on security footage if it has both front and rear license plates.

Per the Texas Transportation Code Section 504.943, failure to mount and display a license plate on the front exterior of your vehicle is a misdemeanor offense punishable with a fine of up to $200. There are some people in Texas who choose not to display a front license plate. If you are one of them, know that you’re providing police a reason to pull you over for probable cause and could very well be fined.

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