Victim of violent home invasion also connected to 'prime social' raid

HOUSTON – A video shows two masked men sneaking through the yard of a Tanglewood home to pull a home invasion robbery next door. 

The targets were Amir Mireskandari and his wife. They said they were watching television in their bedroom just before midnight Saturday when the men burst into the room with guns and demanded money.

"They were thrown out of their bed. They were zip-tied they were terrorized to believe they were about to die," said the couple's attorney, Paul Looney. 

Looney blames the media for the home invasion.

Mireskandari has been the focus of several stories recently because of his work as a consultant to District Attorney Kim Ogg and his work as a lobbyist for local poker parlors. 

Ogg cited that relationship as one of several conflicts of interest that resulted in her dropping charges against the poker club owners. 

"There's only one reason for them to be demanding cash and that is because the media has reported over and over that this man had cash that he had been paid by poker rooms," Looney said. 

The robbers did not find any cash during the ransack but, instead, took jewelry from the safes and left in the couple's SUV, with the couple still being tied up on their bedroom floor. 

Looney singled out the Houston Chronicle who he says posted the couple's address on Twitter. 

"The Chronicle posted the exact address of his home and in spite of being requested on numerous occasions that address be taken down," he said. 

The Chronicle's managing editor, Tony Freemantle, told KPRC Monday afternoon that he does not believe any actions by the paper contributed to the robbery. 

Houston robbery detectives said they don't have much to go on in the case. Investigators are asking anyone with information about the two men seen in the video to call the Houston Police Department or Houston Crime Stoppers.