Too hot? Officials say to set your thermostat at 82 while you sleep

HOUSTON – Electricity bills usually skyrocket in the summer, especially in Houston.

It's the result of trying to stay cool inside as outside temperatures routinely stay in the triple digits.

According to a new report by Energy Star, you may be setting your central air conditioning too low and costing yourself money each month.

The Department of Energy says that for each degree you raise your thermostat, you will save about 3% on your utility bill.

So what do you set the temperature inside your home?

According to the Energy Star report, if your thermostat is ever set lower than 78 degrees, you're doing it wrong.

For optimal cooling and energy efficiency, the report says you should set the temperature to at least 82 degrees while you're sleeping, at least 78 degrees while you're awake and inside the house, and at least 85 degrees when you're not at home.