This Texas-based Facebook group giving back to Houston-area teachers


HOUSTON – A Houston elementary teacher is spreading word about a Facebook group that is giving back to teachers in need of school supplies, snacks and other resources for the classroom. 

Kellie Hernandez told KPRC 2 about the Facebook page Support A Teacher - Teacher Gifting
 created two weeks ago by another Texas teacher. The closed group has grown to more than 20,000 members. 

Based on available information from the signup page, the group works like this: teachers post their Amazon wish lists and then choose an item on another teacher's list to gift.

The page rules read, "This group isn't about going broke or trying to absorb a bunch of gifts without return. It is about spreading joy, helping out others, collaborating, smiling, and feeling the love." 

If you’d like to help Houston-area teachers, go here to help.



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