Man charged in connection with shooting, injuring deputy appears in court

HOUSTON – The man charged in connection with shooting and injuring a Harris County deputy in Katy Friday night appeared in probable cause court late Saturday night. 

The man, Brady Ray, is charged with aggravated assault, aggravated assault against a police officer, and burglary of a habitation with intent to commit assault.

The deputy who had been shot was interviewed at a hospital by officials about what happened Friday night. 

The deputy, who has not been publicly identified, said he went to the home on Plantation Tree Court in Katy for a report of a disturbance at the home. While there, a woman told him that her ex-husband broke into her home and was inside, according to documents read aloud in court.

The deputy saw Ray in the garage and approached him. The deputy said he remembered being shot, but was unable to elaborate exactly what happened because he was medicated at the time of the interview at the hospital, documents show. 

Investigators then went to speak with the second deputy who showed up at the scene on Plantation Tree Court. He said he was the backup unit for the first deputy and had parked alongside the curb when he first got to the scene.

He told investigators that he saw the first deputy talking with Ray in the garage area, and then saw muzzle flashes -- consistent with what he knows to be from a gun, according to documents. He said he saw the injured deputy run from the house, fall and claim he'd been shot.

The second deputy said he saw Ray leave the garage area with Ray's gun and walk toward the deputies. The second deputy said he fired gunshots toward Ray, causing Ray to run back inside the house. Ray then fled through the backyard of the home and ran towards the bayou, according to documents.

Ray was found around 6:30 a.m. Saturday with the same gun described by officers, according to documents.

Ray admitted to officials that he broke into his ex-wife's home by sticking his hand through a doggy door and turning the lock to the front door, according to documents. He admitted to shooting the first deputy because he said the deputy tried to take his gun away from him after he refused to turn it over, records show.

Ray "didn’t think the officer had the right to do that, so he shot him," according to documents read aloud in court. Ray said he didn't remember shooting toward the second deputy, but said he remembered being shot at, records show.

Ray "said he ran because he didn’t want to get caught because he knew he did something wrong," according to documents read aloud in court. 

Ray also told investigators that he "normally had the gun in his car but he put it in a holster on his hip that night because he thought he might encounter a new boyfriend of his ex-wife and needed to be prepared," according to documents read aloud in court. 

His bond has been set at $2.5 million. He is expected back in court Monday.

VIDEO: Full Brady Joseph Ray court appearance