Barefoot bandit chased by dog, Hank Williams, before stealing 4 guns from Kingwood home

KINGWOOD, Texas – In the King Lake Estates subdivision of Kingwood, a barefoot bandit bit off more than he could chew last Friday. At least, he did when he entered Kevin Clark's back yard.  

"He actually came in through the back yard and my dog had chased him in our pool and swam around for 40 minutes," Clark said.

The dog, Hank Williams, wasn't having it. At some point, the burglar was able to bounce and entered the garage. 

He then ran to back of the garage, and then got into the gun safe. Clark said the man stole four rifles from that gun safe. 

He said he and his wife were out of town when this happened, but their home was not empty. 

"My mother-in-law, my 6-year-old daughter, my 17-year-old daughter were all here in the house asleep when he was here and he had broken in about 11:30 the night before," Clark said.

He exited a back gate, throwing those four guns over, before leaving himself.

"He was barefoot the whole time," Clark said.

Barefoot and bold, he made his way under the front gate to the subdivision. 

"And it's been very uneasy since then and so that's why I hope this interview will get him caught," Clark said.

Harris County Precinct 4 is investigating the case.

Surveillance video of man inside Kingwood home