Third case dismissed amid review of HPD officers' work

HOUSTON – Prosecutors have dismissed a third drug possession case because it involved Houston officers accused of lying in an affidavit that led to a deadly drug raid.

Xavier Womack's charges were dismissed Monday.

In a letter sent to Womack, Harris County Assistant District Attorney Gerald Doyle said Houston police Officers Gerald Goines and Steven Bryant were involved in Womack's case. Both Bryant and Goines are currently under criminal investigation.

Court records show a drug possession case against Treveon Cornett was dismissed on Feb. 25, nearly a week after the Harris County District Attorney's Office announced it will review more than 1,400 cases tied to Goines.

A drug case against Courtney Jacobs was dismissed on Feb. 20.

Below is a look at the cases involving Goines that are under review, as well as a timeline of the shootout investigation: