Restaurant Report Card: Roaches return as weather heats up in Houston

HOUSTON – KPRC's Bill Spencer makes his weekly rounds to restaurants in town to make sure they are keeping up to the health standards in Houston.

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PHOTOS: Restaurant Report Card: March 28, 2019

Taqueria El Novillo - 609 Hogan Street

Violation: Inspectors found baby, German cockroaches under the cooking griddle, under the stove, under the front bar and under the front countertop.


 Rioverde Taqueria - 5502 Telephone Road

Violation: Inspectors discovered multiple cockroaches isolated behind a wall in the establishment. An official citation issued to the restaurant.

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Taqueria El Novillo Restaruant Report (PDF)
Taqueria El Novillo Restaruant Report (Text)


Reina’s Restaurant - 12313 Bellaire Boulevard

Violation: Inspectors found a single roach by the food prep tables.

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Rioverde Taqueria Y Restaurant Report (PDF)
Rioverde Taqueria Y Restaurant Report (Text)


We Thai Restaurant And Bar - 2575 S. Dairy Ashford

Violation: Discovered rodent droppings located around the food preparation area. Also found gnats around the dishwashing machine and around the bar.

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Reina's Restaurant Report (PDF)
Reina's Restaurant Report (Text)


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We Thai Restaurant and Bar Report (PDF)
We Thai Restaurant and Bar Report (Text)