Flight returns to airport after woman forgets baby in boarding area


Sometimes we forget where we left our keys, or maybe we walk into a room and forget why we were going there, but forgetting a baby at an airport might not be as easy to explain.

A pilot on a flight from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur seemed to be understanding when a passenger on board realized that she’d forgotten her baby in the boarding area.

The pilot of flight SV832 requested permission to return to the King Abdul Aziz International Airport, according to Gulf News, after the Saudi woman notified the cabin crew of her mishap.

In a video of the conversation between air traffic controllers and the pilot, the ATC operators seem confused when the pilot asked to return.

“Uh, confirm reason, please,” the air traffic controller can be heard saying.

“This one passenger, she left her baby in the terminal. She refuses to continue the flight,” the pilot can be heard saying.

The flight was permitted to return to the airport and the mother and baby were reunited.

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