VIDEO: Man cuts way into store, steals $10K in cash, causes $7K in damage

HOUSTON – Houston police are looking for a masked burglar who is accused of breaking through multiple locks at a southwest convenience store and stealing thousands of dollars in cash.

The manager of Stop N’ In convenience store, Taimur Khan, said surveillance video showed sparks flying through the air as the burglar used a handheld cutting device to get inside of the store.

“He cuts through everything ... the metal shutters, the door, the locks,” Khan said. “The whole process literally took three minutes.”

The surveillance video inside of the store showed the burglar split the locks off of four gaming machines. In all, the manager said the thief got away with $10,000 in cash and caused close to $7,000 in damage.

Houston police said the suspect got away in a black Toyota Camry. Khan said he believes the person had been in the store before and that he had cased the locks and entrances. He also thinks he wasn’t alone.

“These two guys came in the store that night. They spent a good three or four hours in the store,” Khan said.

Houston police said there are no leads in the case, but encourage anyone with information to contact the Burglary and Theft division or Crime Stoppers.

Khan said he wants whoever did this to be caught so it doesn’t happen again.

“I don’t feel safe in my business at all,” he said.

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