Cockpit voice recorder recovered from cargo plane crash site in Trinity Bay, NTSB says

ANAHUAC, Texas – National Transportation Safety Board officials announced they have recovered the cockpit voice recorder of a cargo plane that nose-dived into the Trinity Bay and how it will help determine what caused the deadly crash.



The Atlas Air flight 3591, which was being operated on behalf of Amazon, to plunged into water about 40 miles southeast of its Houston destination Saturday morning.

A video obtained Wednesday by KPRC2 showed the cargo plane moments before it crashed into Trinity Bay. 

The video, which was recorded by a security camera at a school in Anahuac, shows only a second of Atlas Air flight 3591. It appeared to be traveling at a steep angle toward the ground.

The three people aboard the twin-engine Boeing 767 were killed. The bodies of Sean Archuleta and Conrad Aska have been recovered. Human remains believed to belong to the third person have also been found. 

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