'Something stinks at City Hall': Buzbee takes shots at Mayor Turner

HOUSTON – Houston mayoral candidate, attorney Tony Buzbee, has issued a new challenge to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Buzbee found a very unique way to get his point across.

"We got to clean up City Hall folks."

This is what attorney-turned-politician Buzbee said.

"Something stinks at City Hall and it's not this horse manure."

To prove his point, Buzbee produced four wheelbarrows filled with horse manure outside his new midtown campaign office.



The outspoken attorney standing by No. 2, but talking about No. 1.

"Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining," Buzbee said.

Buzbee issued the first stiff challenge to Turner, claiming the mayor has received campaign contributions from people doing business with the city.

"I'm calling on you, mayor, to return the hundreds of thousands of dollars that you have received from hurricane contractors," Buzbee said.

As for Turner's response? Campaign spokesperson Sue Davis told KPRC2: "The mayor does not have any comment."

Another interesting twist is that aside from the fact that Buzbee is willing to spend his own money on his campaign, the location for his first campaign office four years ago was the Asian campaign headquarters for Turner.

"I intend to win the race, so whatever it takes, I intend to win the race," Buzbee said.

KPRC2 tried to get Turner's reaction to Buzbee setting up shop in a place that supported him in 2015, but Davis said, "He won't have any kind of comment on that."

Buzbee challenged Turner to not take another penny in contributions from people doing businesses with the city.