Good Samaritans talk about rescuing mother, child after fiery crash in SW Houston

HOUSTON – The witnesses describe the crash as horrific.

The crash happened on South Main Street near Willowbend Boulevard on Sunday night.

When authorities arrived, they found a woman trapped in her burning car and a 2-year-old child laying in the middle of the street in moving traffic.

Xavier Clark and his brother were headed home when they spotted a shattered, smoking truck that had crashed into the center divider.

"I seen that the baby was laying toward the car. The car was on fire," Clark said.

Clark said he thought of his daughters as he ran toward the little girl.

Before he could reach her, he said, she was hit by a car. He believes the driver never saw her.

"Once I'm running toward the baby, the car come from behind me and it hits the baby, run the baby over. And then I grabbed the baby once the car left," he said.

Xavier Clark and Denerick Mitchell helped rescue a mother and her child after a firey crash on South Main Street on Jan. 6, 2019.

The car, he said, rolled over her feet, but didn’t kill her. She moaned when he picked her up.

"I just did the best a father could do for a child. I just tried to embrace her. Tried to bring her back. Tried to get help as soon as possible,” Clark said.

At the same time, Clark's brother Denerick Mitchell was working with another motorist to save the woman trapped in the burning SUV.

"I mean, I could see fire up under the dashboard ... inside the car at this time. So it was, like, yeah, we got to get her out,” Mitchell said.

The driver’s door was jammed, so together they pulled her out of the passenger’s side window.

She, too, survived, but the memory still haunts the brothers.

“I’m just praying for her family and the child and her mother, hoping that everything goes well," Clark said.

The mother and her child were taken to an area hospital where they are both listed in critical condition.