Woman dead after hit-and-run crash in east Houston, police said

HOUSTON – A woman was killed and a man was on the run after a violent crash in East Houston, police said.

Police said a woman in a car was pulled over on the shoulder of the East Freeway and Federal Road at about 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

A man in a truck slammed into the back of the car, the truck flipped over and ended on the feeder, they said.

“All they(witnesses) tell us is the car was on the shoulder and this truck came and rear-ended it, flipped over. They saw the guy jump out and take off,” said Jesus Uribe with the Houston Police Department.

The woman died at the scene. 

Witnesses said the man then jumped out and ran away leaving his truck.

“The vehicle is registered to Illinois. We don’t know if it’s current or not, so our hit-and-run division will follow up on that,” Uribe said.

Police were trying to determine why a woman was pulled over or if she had emergency lights on.

The eastbound main lanes and the frontage road was expected to be closed for at least two hours.