Famed Houston attorney Steven Rocket Rosen talks about ALS battle

HOUSTON – Only in his early 60s, Steven Rocket Rosen is slowing down. His gate a little less steady now. He’s no longer able to drive or to practice law.

Last January, he was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, a fight he said he knows he’ll eventually lose.

“There’s no cure. There is no medication. There’s no pill,” Rosen said.

He admits sometimes the stress of that struggle wears on him.

“There are days I want to go to that train track and throw myself in front of it,” Rosen said.

But more often he said, these days he finds himself counting his blessings.

“I love Houston, Texas. Look what it gave me: A wife, children and education a job, the best med facilities in the world (and) the best friends in the world,” Rosen said.

He said his proudest accomplishment is his family, his three lovely daughters, his wife. Rosen said he is also proud of his accomplishments as the leading criminal defense lawyer for 35 years, argued 14 capital murder cases and representing defendants, which included members of the Branch Davidians.

Rosen said his illness has made him more thoughtful. He began putting down his thoughts in videos about life lessons which have now found an audience of Facebook and YouTube.

“You know I’m still listening to eight-track tapes. I don’t know anything about a video but now every two weeks I have to make a new one cause people demand it, he said.

Rosen said he is staying active by writing a book, raising money for other ALS patients and making weekly trips to the track to play the ponies. He is living every day and doing it with courage.

“It’s the people who surround you. It ain’t about you,” Rosen said.