'Beechunut?' No, that's not the street's name

HOUSTON – Houston roadway names can be hard to pronounce, as well as hard to spell.

Kuykendahl. Longenbaugh. Bissonnet. Telge.

But Beechnut?

Apparently, it is. A Texas Department of Transportation sign posted in southwest Houston near Meyerland Plaza misspelled Beechnut as 'Beechunut.'

It’s spelled on a green sign as you approach Beechnut Street driving south on the West Loop feeder road.

The sign first popped up on social media with tweets asking that someone fix the typo. Some, like Karen Ortiz, said there is enough confusion on our roads.

“Really confusing. Just like the whole 69/59 situation on the highway," Ortiz said.

A TXDOT spokesperson said the sign was removed after our story was posted last week. 

A new sign is being made and it will be placed at the location within the next few weeks, the spokesperson said.

KPRC2 viewers told us the sign has been there for several months.

Hmmm. Spotted this at 610 and "Beechnut" @kprc2 see anything wrong?

Posted by KPRC2 Ryan Korsgard on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Some of the comments on KPRC2 Ryan Korsgard's Facebook and Instagram posts are priceless:

"Is this the bad Italian spelling?"

"lol.. 2 many uu'sss"

"Maybe they’ve changed the spelling of the street. Haha!"

"Lord have mercy on the sign department. They need Webster's dictionary?"

"They may charge the taxpayers more to correct the spelling."

"Quick somebody get over to Kuykendahl !!"

"you had one job"

"my mom puts an O at the end"

"this other comment was like "that how our parents pronounce it"

"this is exactly how our parents pronounce beechnut.."