Man suffers mild heart attack during encounter with 4 loose dogs at SE Houston park

HOUSTON – A Houston man said he is lucky to be alive after an encounter with four pit bulls near Wilson Memorial Park, on the city's southeast side.

"He had his dog on a leash and these dogs were just at him," Claiudia Ramirez, a witness said.

August Murray Jr. said he was walking his dog Wednesday at the public park near Milstead Middle School when he was surrounded by at least four pit bull dogs of various sizes.

"They wouldn't let me move," Murray said.

Murray said he yelled used kicking motions to keep the dogs at bay as he inched closer to his truck.

"I wasn't going to run because she would have got me from the rear," Murray said.

Murray was not bitten by the dogs, but said that he had a mild heart attack and spent a few days in the hospital.

The owner of the dogs was found by a Houston Police Department officer. She received a citation for violating the city's leash law.

Channel 2 Investigates found one of the dogs, a puppy, loose when we arrived at the owner's residence across the street from Wilson Memorial Park.

"They managed to bust through the fence that day," Tricia Capetillo said.

Capetillo maintained that the dogs, two adult pit bulls and two puppies, are well-secured.

"You think you have a good handle on your dogs?" Joel Eisenbaum, KPRC2 investigative reporter, asked.

"Yeah," Capetillo replied.

Murray is considering submitting a "Dangerous Dog" affidavit, which could lead to a court case, and possible impounding of the dogs.

You can read more about that process here.