Man accused of killing estranged wife went to dumpster multiple times, police say

HOUSTON – Police are still looking for a man accused of killing his wife.

According to authorities, Charine Wilson was last seen at her apartment on the city's South Side on Saturday.

Her estranged husband Johnny Leon Wilson, 48, - also last seen Saturday - was caught on surveillance video going to and from the apartment complex’s dumpster several times, police said.

Officers said they found blood in the apartment and a piece of carpet missing, which gave them enough evidence to charge Wilson with murder.

Charine’s heartbroken mother is desperately hoping to find her missing daughter.

"She's dead. My daughter is gone. I feel deep down in my heart that he killed my baby. He took my child away from me," Susan Young said. "They had enough evidence to say she had been murdered. And they had him going back and forth to the dumpster on the camera.”

According to her mother, Charine, 29, and her 11-year-old son went to her apartment that Saturday.
Charine went in, but never came out.

Instead, moments later, Johnny took Charine's son to a nearby fast food restaurant, only to leave him there.

"A piece of carpet or rug was cut and then they found blood. He killed my child. I don't know where he dumped her body at. I don't know," Young said.

Charine's mother says the couple was going through a divorce, but she never expected anything like this to happen.

"I just want them to hurry up and find him so he can tell me what he did with my child's body," Young said.

As police continue their search for Johnny, Charine's mother is simply looking for closure.

"My baby is gone. I will never have no more Charine," said Young.

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