Ordinance change aimed at preventing sexbot brothel in Houston passes


HOUSTON – The Houston City Council on Wednesday approved changes to an ordinance that are aimed at stopping the nation’s first sexbot brothel from opening in the city.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner asked the council members to update the city’s sexually orientated business rule.

What passed was a ban on the "try it before you buy it" aspect of the business. In other words, the new rule makes it illegal to have sex with robots at a business. It does not prohibit the sale of the robots.

District J Houston City Council Member Greg Travis said, "They're coming to our city because they think they can do this to our city. Let's be clear about this. We're not legislating morality here. That's not what we're doing. We don't care what they do in their bedrooms."

He said he had his own prevention planned if the City Council did not find a deterrent.

"I've already got cameras lined up that whenever, if ever this ever occurs, I'll be out there 24/7 with cameras filming everybody that goes in, everybody that comes out and we'll post those on social media so people can see who's using this, OK?" Travis said.

VIDEO: Houston City Council talks about changing the ordinance

A judge's injunction would be required to completely shut down the business.

"We do not care what people do in their bedrooms," said District G Councilman Greg Travis. "Our city is not known as Sin City."

The owner of KinkySdolls, which aimed to open near strip clubs at Richmond Avenue and Chimney Rock Road, said he chose Houston because of the lax regulations regarding sex robot businesses.

Progress was halted at the proposed site was halted by city inspectors who said the business did not have a permit.

The business, which allows patrons to rent life-like sex robots for $120 an hour, already has a location in Toronto.

Channel 2 News has called the business asking for a response. So far, no one has called back.



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