Houston man charged with capital murder in death of missing wife

HOUSTON – A Houston man is charged with capital murder in connection with the death of 39-year-old Jennifer Sanchez. 

According to court documents 44-year-old Joey Leos Sanchez  killed Sanchez, his wife, while in the course of trying to retaliate against her. The reason is not stated.

The document also states it was done in an unknown manner with an unknown object.

Jennifer Sanchez disappeared from her Houston home on 804 Martin Street on Sept. 7.

Sophia Gomez who is Jennifer Sanchez’ mother is confident her daughter’s estranged husband is responsible for her disappearance.

“I know he did it,” said Gomez. 

Gomez says her daughter was in a domestic violence marriage with her husband Joey Sanchez and that her daughter was in the process of attempting to end the violent relationship. 

“She was going to court on September 20th and she had a restraining order on him,” said Gomez.  

Gomez says her daughter's disappearance is a retaliation by her estranged husband whom on two different occasions called Gomez from an unknown number after her daughter vanished. 

“He told me, Ms. Gomez I’m sorry for Jennifer and hung up on me,” said Gomez. 

Despite the capital murder charge against Joey Sanchez, there is still no trace of Jennifer Sanchez' body.

A missing persons flier was issued in the search for her.