Very unique sex reveal celebration as couple think 'out of the box'

Couple holds a unique gender reveal party.
Couple holds a unique gender reveal party. (Yessenia Ruvalcaba)

HOUSTON – There are many options when people decide how to reveal the sex of their baby, and like some. a Houston couple decided to really go all out.

For Yessenia Ruvalcaba, it was tough to keep it from her husband Eric, but she was able to convince him to wait until a sex reveal party to find out the sex of their future baby.

Couple hold a unique gender reveal party.
Couple hold a unique gender reveal party.

Ruvalcaba said her spouse finally agreed and told her that if they were going to do a sex reveal party they really had to "think out of the box." His request was for his brother, Chris Quintana, to actually jump out of a box wearing a diaper.

Yessenia thought it would be better for him to wear a baby costume instead.

On Saturday, Eric Ruvalcaba and other relatives were able to be surprised. The only person who knew up until the party was Yessenia's sister, Melissa Morales, who was tight-lipped until the big day.

When the day arrived, loved ones in unison used the powder party poppers, which released blue powder into the air, and her brother-in-law jumped out of the box dancing around in the big baby costume.

For Eric and Yessenia Ruvalcaba this was a big celebration, as this is their first baby.

They don't have a name picked out just quite yet. 

The baby is due on Jan. 18.