Sugar Land residents on high alert after 2 home invasions in week

SUGAR LAND, Texas – The Greatwood community is on alert after someone kicked in the front door at two different homes in the same week.

Sugar Land police said that, on Saturday, around 11:36 p.m., they were called to a home in the 1500 block of Timbertrail Drive in the Greatwood Trails neighborhood for a home invasion.

“First off, my house was lit up on the outside and there were lights on the inside and I was sitting on a chair and I heard the front door glass break,” said the owner of the home.

She asked us to conceal her identity.

“I heard, ‘Sugar Land police,’ two times. ‘Sugar Land police.’ Within a couple (of) seconds, the guy turned the corner and had a gun pointing at me,” she said.

The homeowner said the man was wearing a black ski mask and a red bandana over his face.

“I think it was the fight-or-flight method right there. When (he) pointed the gun at me, I was in such shock that I jumped up out of the chair and yelled, ‘Please don’t shoot me. Please don’t kill me,'” said the homeowner. “I ran to the back door and did not look at him. I tried to get the back door open, the dead bolt open, and I couldn’t get it open fast enough. I turned around and fell onto my knees. There was an ottoman and (I) shoved it

toward where he was standing. I didn’t look at him and was screaming again, ‘Please don’t shoot me. Please don’t kill me.’ I must have been so loud the neighbors heard it as well and he left.”

The woman said the suspect didn't take anything from the house.

Sugar Land police said that, on Thursday, a similar situation happened at a different home on the same street.

Authorities said two masked men armed with weapons kicked in the front door. They confronted the homeowner and fled when the alarm went off. Nothing was taken from the home.

Police are asking the community to check surveillance video and, if they notice something suspicious, to send it to police.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sugar Land Police Department at 281-275-2540 or Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS (8477).