This map of HISD magnet bus hub locations has some parents saying, 'STOP'

HOUSTON – The Houston Independent School District Thursday released a list of new bus hub locations for magnet program students.

Magnet school students will be assigned to hub locations at designated HISD campuses to be picked up by their bus at the start of the school day and dropped off at the same location at the end of school.

According to an HISD blog post, the magnet school bus hub program will improve the on-time arrival of students and decrease commute time.

"For most people, 15 minutes doesn’t mean a lot," Justin Fuentes, assistant superintendent of School Choice, said. "But, 15 minutes for a student means breakfast, or interacting with fellow students and teachers. It allows them to get to school on time and be settled before starting their day."

Transportation Services to Launch Magnet School Hub Program for 2018-2019 from Houston ISD on Vimeo.

"We chose these hub locations after a careful review of bus stop usage and a comprehensive look at traffic assessments," Transportation Services General Manager Timothy Brown said. "These reviews resulted in hubs being placed at schools with high visibility and strong safety reviews."

HISD said parents of magnet students will receive their hub location assignment and times via postcards within the first two weeks of August.

Many parents have taken to social media to complain that the new hub program leaves them hanging at dropoff and pickup since their kids cannot simply walk home from school. They also said they haven't yet received notification about their students' assignment.

"Our goal is to continue to develop ways to improve the service and support we provide to our most valuable resource — our students," Brown said. "Our primary focus continues to be providing all students with safe and reliable transportation to and from school."

Below is a map and list of the hub locations:

A map of the HISD magnet bus hub locations from July 27, 2018.
A map of the HISD magnet bus hub locations from July 27, 2018.


  • Bush Elementary School
  • Walnut Bend Elementary School
  • Briargrove Elementary School
  • River Oaks Elementary School
  • Sinclair Elementary School
  • Harvard Elementary School
  • Crockett Elementary School
  • Oak Forest Elementary School
  • M.C. Williams Middle School
  • Scarborough Middle School
  • Washington High School


  • Moreno Elementary School
  • Fonville Middle School
  • Key Middle School
  • Forest Brook Middle School
  • Furr High School
  • Wheatley High School
  • Barbara Jordan High School
  • Lyons Elementary School
  • Shadyvale Elementary School


  • Brookline Elementary School
  • Law Elementary School
  • Bastian Elementary School
  • Lockhart Elementary School
  • Golfcrest Elementary School
  • Alcott Elementary School
  • Austin High School
  • Jones High School
  • Chavez High School
  • Sterling High School
  • Woodson K-5
  • Thompson Elementary School
  • Attucks Middle School


  • Hines Caldwell Elementary School
  • Anderson Elementary  School
  • Longfellow Elementary School
  • Gross Elementary School
  • Pershing Middle School
  • Sharpstown High School
  • Wisdom High School
  • Madison High School
  • Ed White Elementary School
  • Lawson Middle School
  • Foerster Elementary School
  • Briarmeadow Charter School
  • Fondren Elementary School

Anyone with questions is asked to call HISD's Customer Care Team at 713-556-9400.