Nursing home employees' paychecks bounce

HOUSTON – Some nursing home employees are dealing with a payday problem.

An employee of the Winterhaven Health Care Center, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted us, claiming some of employees' payroll checks from June 8 bounced when the employees tried to cash them.

They’ve been waiting ever since for their employer to make good on a promise to pay them on the next payday, which is Friday.

Workers told KPRC that some employees could not cash the payroll checks that were issued Friday.

KPRC contacted Winterhaven and the company that owns the facility to find out what the initial problem was, and we’re still waiting for a response.

“We have bills that we have to pay and we just have to wait until we are able to cash our checks in order to pay the bills. That's not fair to us,” said a Winterhaven employee.

According to the health care center’s inspection report, Winterhaven has paid three federal fines in the last three years.

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