Katy ISD superintendent speaks about bullying allegations from 1978

KATY, Texas – The Katy Independent School District Board placed the issue of bullying near the top of Monday night's agenda.

It was the first time they say they could legally address accusations that Superintendent Lance Hindt helped bully a junior high schoolmate so badly in 1978 that the student nearly committed suicide.

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Hindt became emotional when he spoke about the allegations.

"I regret the negative attention that's been brought to this community in the past week," Hindt said. "Ultimately, I'll be judged by one person."

The allegations leveled last week gained international attention.

Gregory Gay claimed that 40 years ago Hindt and other students shoved his face in a urinal, cutting his lip. During the exchange at last week's school board meeting, Hindt is seen laughing after Gay's allegations. The superintendent said Monday that laughter was not based on amusement.

"Please know my reaction this past Monday night was one of shock," Hindt said. "It wasn't one of disrespect or insensitivity. I was purely shocked."

Several Katy ISD parents we spoke to say they understand the reaction.

"In some cases people just tend to laugh or have other types of reactions whenever somebody's accused of something," Neal Jennings, who has three children in Katy ISD, said. "Everybody has their different reactions."

Last week, Hindt denied Gay's accusations.

While he did not retract his innocence, he did say, "I am not a perfect person."

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