Outrage over how Humble ISD police officer broke up brawl between girls

HUMBLE, Texas – A Humble mom has filed a complaint over what she says was  school resource officer's use of excessive force against her 16-year-old daughter.

The incident happened at Humble High School March 9th, the last day of school before Spring Break. 
Video posted to social media shows female students in hair pulling throwdowns with Humble ISD police stepping in to break things up.

Ebony Dawson says her 16-year-old daughter was involved in the altercation and ended up in the hospital and in handcuffs after the school resource officer got involved.

Dawson says the video shows the officer throwing her daughter to the ground and then holding his arm down on her neck.

"The officer should be let go he should not be allowed to be in the school with girls or boys and charges should be brought against him," Dawson said. 

The sophomore was suspended for three days and now faces felony charges for assaulting the officer. Humble ISD's police chief Solomon Cook says the student spit at the officer and punched him in the face. 

"The video shown by the camera phone is only a small segment it does not show the important context of the whole incident," Chief Cook said.

Humble ISD says they've reviewed video from surveillance cameras inside the school.

The district would not show us their video citing the Harris County D.A.'s office investigation but they did release a picture of the officer's which they say shows his bruises. 

"The officer used minimum necessary force to try to get the fight to stop the officer was punched in the face he was spit on he maintained his composure and used necessary force to contain the student," Cook said. 

But the mom says the officer went too far, citing her daughter's 5'2" frame
"That's a trained male officer against a 135 lb 16 year old little girl there is no justification," Dawson said. 

The case against the teen goes to court next month.

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