Is this the ugliest building in Houston?

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HOUSTON – The beauty of architecture – or in this case, the lack thereof – is a subjective thing.

However, many people are agreeing that one building in particular is “the ugliest in Houston.”

On Reddit, one user who goes by “goodeyesniperr” posted a photo of the building that now houses Darque Tan, among other businesses with the message proclaiming the building the worst of the worst aesthetically in Houston.

Another user, "lk6" wrote, “This building. I just avoid looking at it. It hurts my eyes.”

Many in the post mused about the past of the 5959 Richmond building, saying that they purchased concert tickets there at one time and others saying the building it is an '80s structure that’s been remodeled a time or two.

Others just had fun poking fun at its aesthetic.

One user, "technofiend" wrote, “Thank you for posting this because frankly I look at that building and immediately hear the Miami Vice theme song.”

As the thread continues others try to top the building’s ugliness with their own suggestions. One user claims the ugliest building in Houston is La Luz Del Mundo on the Eastex Freeway. Another suggested the Palace of the Golden Orbs near the Westpark Tollway and Eldridge Parkway. Still another said the Federal Reserve Bank Branch on Allen Parkway.

What building do you think in the ugliest in Houston? Let us know in the comments.

Others have added the following to the list:

  • Astrodome
  • George R. Brown Convention Center

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