When's Houston's next Super Bowl?

HOUSTON – With another football season in the books, talk has turned to when the Bayou City will host another Super Bowl.

We spoke with city and county leaders about the process and possible time frame.

Are we in discussion for another Super Bowl?

Not yet, city and county leaders say, for now, they are focusing on more immediate goals.

“Houston is definitely interested in hosting a Super Bowl in the future. Right now, as we work on the World Cup bid for 2026, and having recently been awarded the 2024 College Football Playoff National Championship, we want to ensure the timing is right for our community. We will continue to maintain a strong relationship with the National Football League and will continue to work hard with our partners and the Houston Texans to make sure Houston is well prepared for the next Super Bowl,” wrote Janis Burke, Harris County – Houston Sports Authority CEO.

Still, officials with Houstonfirst said plans to win another Super Bowl are always in the works.

“When we hosted the Super Bowl in 2017, conversations about the next Super Bowl happened while the event was taking place," said chief marketing officer, Holly Chapman-Rosenow. "There's no set time frame because of the fact that it takes a long time for the conversations to get to the bid phase."

Will Houston need a new stadium?

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett was quick to say, ‘no.’

“Heavens no, definitely not a new one. Nobody is in the mood to do that,” said Emmett. “Stadium improvements are going to be necessary, but that's always the case."

Emmett said the cost of these improvements are unknown at this time and will depend on when Houston gets another chance.

Houston Texans president Jamey Rootes said NRG Stadium is constantly being improved.

“We just have to make sure NRG stays a state of-the-art stadium. We’re doing that through the numerous events and games played at the stadium each year,” said Rootes.

Has Houston put in a bid for another Super Bowl?

The short answer is no. Plus, the NFL has changed the way it selects cities. According to Rootes, the NFL committee that chooses Super Bowl cities now has to invite a city to participate in this process.

We have not yet gotten the call, but everyone is confident that call will come. Currently, the NFL has already selected Super Bowl cities through 2022.

“When the time comes, we'll be ready," said Emmett.

Mayor Sylvester Turner also mentioned getting a new-high speed bullet train built “before the next Super Bowl.”