Fake Pasadena cop tries to pull over mother

PASADENA, Texas – Still terrified by what happened days ago, Ashley Glover has a warning for others: be on the lookout for someone posing as a law enforcement officer trying to pull people over in Pasadena.

"I've never had anything like this happen to me before that's why I'm so shaken up about it," Glover, a concerned driver, said.

Glover said it happened to her late Thursday night when a dark SUV pulled up close behind her, and the driver flashed the vehicle's high beams several times and even blared some sort of loud horn.

"I looked at my side mirror and saw that there was no markings on the car  saying that it was a cop car it says there was no red and blue lights I just went ahead and took off," explained Glover.

Even scarier though, she's said the SUV followed her through neighborhoods, even running a red light, while her cellphone had died and her 4-year-old son slept in the back seat.

"Once I realized that it wasn't a cop then I really freaked out because then I was like okay this guy is following me and he's right on my tail," Glover said.

Glover said she was finally able to shake the SUV and pulled into a restaurant parking lot after a nearly 10- to 15-minute-long chase and called the police.

"They were like no we haven't had any reports of anybody fleeing or anything so it wasn't us I was afternoon that definitely was not a cop," said Glover.

Looking back on it now, Glover said she's thankful that her instincts told her not to stop and to get to safety.

"I was terrified that something bad was going to happen. Like, I could feel it in my heart that something bad was going to happen if I stopped," said Glover.

Glover describes that suspicious SUV as a black or dark-colored vehicle and is either a Jeep Liberty, Dodge Nitro or something similar.

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