Dallas woman accused of damaging Houston lawyer's art appears in court

HOUSTON – A Dallas woman who is accused of damaging $300,000-worth of art at a Houston lawyer's home after a date appeared in court Tuesday.

Lindy Layman, 29, was charged with criminal mischief after the Dec. 23 encounter with high-profile attorney Tony Buzbee.

According to court documents, Layman got extremely intoxicated during the date and when they went to Buzbee’s house, he decided she was too drunk, asked her to leave and called her an Uber. Layman refused to leave, hid in Buzbee’s home and ended up damaging three paintings and two sculptures during a frenzied outburst, according to the documents.

Among the paintings was an original Andy Warhol, according to court documents.

At Tuesday’s hearing, the judge ordered Layman not to contact Buzbee or his family and undergo drug testing as a condition of her $30,000 bond.

Justin Keiter, Layman’s attorney, said his client is a great person, and the rest of the story will come out in court.

“We would disagree with a lot of what’s been in the media,” Keiter said.

Keiter said his client also disagrees with Buzbee’s version of events.

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