Confrontation leaves woman dead, man injured in Humble

HUMBLE, Texas – A deadly encounter started when a woman confronted a neighbor outside an apartment on Wednesday, according to Humble police and neighbors. 

The shooting happened in the 600 block of Wilson Road, police said. The location of the reported shooting is near Ross Sterling Middle School and SKY 2 showed a patrol unit outside.

Someone pulled a gun, and when the shooting was over the woman was dead, a man wounded and the shooter was on the run.

It’s not clear what the argument was about, police say. Neighbors say the woman was angry about another neighbor accusing her 11-year-old son of theft. 

She and the boy exchanged words with someone outside the apartment when a man with a gun came out of the door and started shooting, neighbors said.

A neighbor across the street was rolling video at the time which recorded the shooting.
Just a few doors down, Jo Stewart was standing outside her apartment and saw it go down. 

"They was having an argument over something. Well, after that I thought it was over and I went back to my patio," she said, motioning with her hand showing how the man pointed a gun and fired. 

"After that, it was over and he took off running," she said. 

The 11-year-old wasn’t hurt, but his mother was hit in the head and killed. A man nearby was also hit, police say. That man turned up a short time later at a local hospital. 

The man with the gun ran through the complex and then sped away in a car, witnesses said. 
Wednesday evening, Humble police are searching for the suspect. They say they know who he is, and are following some leads. 

So far, they haven’t released the suspect's name or the names of the victims.