2 HBU football players accused of sexual assault

HOUSTON – Two student-athletes at Houston Baptist University are facing sexual assault accusations from a fellow student.

Sources told Channel 2 Investigates the charges stem from an incident at a campus apartment complex on Oct. 29.

According to court documents, the female student claims she started feeling sick after having a drink at a party and would periodically black out.

Court documents read that the woman was brought back to an apartment complex on Beechnut Street. Police said she was with other fellow students, including the two accused of sexual assaulting her.

According to the documents, Kyler Henson, 22, and Dennis Houston, 18, are charged with sexual assault. Both men are listed on HBU’s football team roster.

Police said that when investigators questioned the men, Houston denied assaulting the woman.

As for Henson, court documents read, "Defendant Henson admitted to having sex with the complainant. When questioned about consent he stated, 'why do I need consent?'"

University officials would not confirm the identity of the students facing charges, but the school’s athletic director sent a statement to KPRC:

"We are greatly saddened for all involved. We had already taken the action of suspending the two athletes from participation pending the outcome of the investigation. There are policies and procedures in place here at HBU for this sort of situation, and those have been followed precisely,” wrote HBU Athletic Director, Steve Maniaci. "We are cooperating fully with the District Attorney’s office on the matter. As a university we have made accommodations for the complainant, and have taken appropriate measures with the respondents to ensure the safety of the campus. Beyond that we cannot comment further on the situation."