Group offers to replace family's slain pony

LIBERTY COUNTY – The story about the death of 5-year-old Rylee Brett’s pony named “Chicken Nugget” touched many.

"We're going to catch him, whoever did this. And he's going to get in big, big, big trouble," she said.

Perhaps the most touched by the story, those who love and save horses.  

"It just broke my heart. I can't imagine that anyone would do that to an innocent little horse like that. Just walk up to it and shoot it. It just doesn't make any sense," Megan Cardet, A Place for Peanut founder and president said.

The group is an equine therapy and rescue group.

Cardet wants to help Rylee and her family by giving them a mini-horse named “Faith.”  

"And we want to donate Faith to that little girl. To let that little girl know that there are good people out there," Cardet said.

"I never imagined that this many people would reach out to our family in such a hard time,” said Rylee’s mom, Kylee Brett.

She told KPRC 2 that many people have reached out to her family offering help and even horses. She said, "If it helps Rylee heal some kind of a hole in her heart, we're going to talk about it as a family. We're not ready at the moment to fill that hole. We would like to find out what exactly happened. Who did it. We don't want to put something back in a place where it could be harmed again."

A Place for Peanut said its offer stands.

The group said it has about 15 mini horses available for adoption now.