Five things to know: McNair, Texans protest

HOUSTON – Texans Owner Bob McNair is under scrutiny after controversial comments he made at a recent NFL meeting, while his players face criticism by some, for how they reacted to the comment before Sunday's game in Seattle.

McNair not attending NAACP Town Hall Forum Monday night

The NAACP along with Community of Faith Church is hosting a town hall meeting on McNair's controversial "inmates running the prison" comments. 

Bishop James Dixon invited McNair, but a Texans spokesperson said he will not attend due to health reasons:

"We extended the opportunity for Bishop Dixon and others to meet with representatives from our organization to hear their views and discuss ways we might be able to work together in the future to make a difference," said Amy Palcic, Houston Texans senior director of communications.

Apology not accepted by community leaders

Dixon said McNair's apology and subsequent explanation did not seem sincere. 

"We are aiming for something bigger than an apology. There has to be an act and demonstration of atonement. This community has been injured and we've been insulted," Dixon told Channel 2 News.

Kneeling in solidarity for social justice and racial equality

"Those young men deserve to be dignified and respected. They put their lives and health on line every week for these teams. They're advocates for social justice and equality at the same time they're wearing that uniform. That's (a) powerful statement and combination," Dixon said.

Questions about more Texans players protests

No Texans players have indicated whether they will continue taking a knee, but Dixon said it is possible. 

"I believe there's going to be continued demonstration of protest by these players and it may escalate until there is a real meaningful statement and commitment to change, not just an email," he said. 

Calls for Texans sponsors to speak up

Dixon says silence on McNair's comments from Texans sponsors makes them complicit. 

"If you're sponsoring a team where the owner makes this statement (or) has this position, you should be saying to that client we cannot put our dollars there.

"When an athlete does something that's egregious, the sponsors pull their endorsements. At some point, we're going to be asking those sponsors to consider pulling their endorsements from this client until this client demonstrates that they're willing to be fair with the entire community."

Channel 2 News reached out to two of the Texans' major sponsors, H-E-B and Houston Methodist. They have not responded to our request for comment. 

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