Woman warns Astros fans after buying fraudulent printable tickets

Here's a warning for World Series ticket seekers. Unscrupulous sellers in the streets and on the internet appear to be selling duplicate printable tickets.

"Before I bought them, there was a guy from New York who told me, 'You better watch out, they do that all the time in New York,'" Annie Parrish said.

Just outside Minute Maid Park, Parrish thought she bought two legitimate tickets to Game 6 of the American League Championship Series.

"I never got in," Parrish said.

It appears that Parrish was sold duplicate tickets, which can be printed repeatedly or copied onto plain white paper. But only the first one to use the ticket gets the seat, and Parrish was barred from entering the stadium.

Parrish provided Channel 2 Investigates with a New Jersey cellphone number and a photo of the man from whom she bought the tickets, and we were able to track down the seller and urge him to refund the $170 he collected.

"For a $170 bucks, I don't need the aggravation," the man said.

He later sent Channel 2 Investigates a receipt for payment to Parrish of $170.

Parrish said she will never buy tickets on the street again.

"Only the box office," Parrish said.

Houston ticket vendor Midtown Premium Tickets recommends you get a receipt for any ticket transaction and pay for the tickets with a credit card so if necessary, you can dispute the charges.

"Go to someone you know. Don't buy them off the street or Craigslist," Kayla Ramsey, with Midtown Premium Tickets, said.

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