'Texas will survive:' Gloria Gaynor serenades, encourages Texans with remixed 'Survival Anthem'

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HOUSTON – Grammy Hall of Fame and award-winning singer Gloria Gaynor, best known for her 1978 “I Will Survive” song, posted a video of her singing a new version of the song to Texans on Wednesday.

Gaynor posted the song on Twitter.

“At first we were afraid, we were petrified.

Kept thinking Texas couldn’t live in flood waters this high.

We know you spent plenty of time preparing for this Hurricane.

Who could have known that it would come with so much devastating rain? But, we will strive. And you’ll survive.

With all our love and help and prayers we will stand strongly by your side. We are your neighbors tried and true and we’ll do all we can for you. And you’ll survive, you will survive.

You will survive.”

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