Squatters or scam victims? Homeowner finds another family living in home

HOUSTON – As neighbors tried to figure out why constable cars lined their street, authorities tried to figure out who is currently living in the home in question.

"Well, this house has been vacant for a couple (of) years, so that obviously raised some red flags to the people that live around here," Jeff Mcshan, of Harris County Precinct 5, said.

A neighbor called authorities after they noticed people -- other than the owners -- living inside the one-story home.

When constables and the actual owner showed up, nobody was home and they couldn't get inside because someone had changed the locks.

"They made forced entry into the home and they found out there is a lot of furniture inside. Some of the walls look like they've been painted and someone is obviously living there. There are several beds located inside," Mcshan said.

The owner says he did not rent or sell his vacant home, which has some people questioning if squatters are occupying it.

People who live on the street say they thought it was just a new neighbor. They said they would see a woman, man and children sitting outside.

"I saw them move in with a moving truck, so I figured they were moving into the house," Aaron Dushkin said.

The observation has investigators wondering if maybe the mysterious new neighbors were conned into renting the home.

"They may have been scammed. There are a lot of different scenarios that could have happened here so it could be some folks that moved in and they're acting as squatters or it could be someone that answered an ad," Mcshan said.

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