Why are people searching for a camel on Bolivar Peninsula?

These images of Humphrey have been posted on social media after people found the camel on Bolivar Peninsula, Texas. (Facebook)

BOLIVAR PENINSULA, Texas – Bolivar Beachcombers is a closed group on Facebook. It's a tight-knit virtual community. And just like real-life communities, it has its secrets. One of those secrets has a name: Humphrey.

A few weeks ago, members started posting pictures of a camel sitting atop a giant utility pole somewhere on Bolivar Peninsula. It's not a real camel of course, but the unusual sight certainly catches your eye. There were nearly a dozen posts in the span of just a few days. The captions were similar: "Found Humphrey today!" and "Finally found him!" None of the posts included an exact location. Or an explanation.

A KPRC producer (this writer) who was allowed to join the group while researching a previous story started asking questions. The Bolivar Peninsula insiders didn't immediately trust this outsider; but eventually, some progress was made. Clues emerged. Theories were revealed.

The consensus is that the story goes back to Hurricane Ike - a lineman doing repairs after the storm put Humphrey up there. It has been there, in that one spot, ever since. That is where the camel caper started, but that was only the beginning.

Bolivar residents have an unspoken agreement that Humphrey's exact location is never to be made public. That's the game. Anyone who has not seen Humphrey is always on the lookout for him. Those who have, wear that sighting like a badge of honor. Because seeing Humphrey makes you part of a mystery that has lasted nearly a decade.

So, if you find yourself on Bolivar Peninsula, look up. And if you see Humphrey, mum's the word.