Gator Squad called to home for lizard

Homeowners thought lizard was baby gator


HOUSTON – The Gator Squad has conducted dozens of heroic gator removals from neighborhoods, yards and front porches in Houston and the suburbs over the years.

A recent call to a local home was one the squad would probably like to forget.

When the gator experts arrived at the home, they saw the focus of the family's scare was not a gator at all. It was a lizard - a very small lizard.

The Gator Squad posted pictures and a brief synopsis on its Facebook page: "When parks and wildlife sends you on a gator call for an alligator on the front porch but it turns out to be a lizard... Really, some people need to get back to the city. I still caught it, and safety relocated it to the neighbor's yard. I don't normally charge for baby alligator removals but this is ridiculous... Should I charge a wildlife removal fee or not?"

The post prompted dozens of hilarious comments.

Brad Shultz wrote: "So glad you offer this service. Now I can tell my 81 year old mom to call YOU instead of me when a gecko gets in her house at 3:00am."

Staci Lackey Todd wrote: "Oh my gosh!! My yard is full of "baby alligators". Lol who knew my little dog was really a "baby alligator" hunter?"

Elizabeth Fox wrote: "I am sorry you were called out for something so silly. However, that pic with the pink hanky over the wee little lizard head may be the cutest thing I have seen all week."

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