Students start dress donation to ensure everyone can enjoy prom

DAYTON, Texas – Weighed down with satin and silks, the rack of dresses is more than just a collection of glamorous gowns.

"A lot of the factor of girls not being able to go to prom is affording a dress. I mean, they range anywhere from $100 to $400," senior Chevi Breaux said.

Beaux, a senior at Dayton High School, knows firsthand just how stressful finding the perfect prom dress can be.

So when it came time to start trying on dresses for this year's prom, the senior wanted to make sure every every girl had the same opportunity as she did.

"I brought seven from my house, and then it just built up," Breaux said. "It feels good because I know I see they're excited."

She says her dad first came up with the idea, but she made it happen, donating all of her old dresses along with her sister's to the school. Then word got around.

"They're amazed. There's so many options, and that someone's going to bring the dress up there and let them use it for the night," Breaux said.

Soon enough, they had collected nearly 100 dresses.

"I won't be able to stop smiling. It's gonna be good," Breaux said.

"It's people like this that do such a great job to help kids that are underprivileged and have a little bit more of what they don't normally get to have," librarian Dani Nations said.

Now, 13 girls are going to prom, in what are, for them, brand new dresses.

"They can wear a dress and feel beautiful just like everyone else that's going to be there," Breaux said.

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