William Kenny, man accused in Greenwood's death, had long grudge against county

BAYTOWN, Texas – The man who police said is the suspect in the shooting death of Asst. Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood has a long history of documenting his dislike of law enforcement officials on his website.

In meticulous fashion, William Francis Kenny, 64, is believed to have posted every email, letter and recorded phone conversation he had with dozens of Harris County officials over the last five years. All of it posted on the website, www.fryroad.com.

Kenny's odyssey began on Valentine's Day 2012, when a relative of his ex-wife dialed 911 to report Kenny was acting in a threatening manner.

“My son in-law has gone nuts, he’s threatened me,” is heard on what is purported to be a 911 call posted on the website.

The responding deputy chalked up the incident to a domestic disturbance and Kenny was never charged with a crime. However, Kenny wrote he felt the Sheriff's Office got it wrong; he was the victim and was unjustly accused.

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On the website, Kenny wrote, “Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) made some mistakes then broke the law to cover up these mistakes,” and, “Then broke the law and framed an innocent citizen.”

Kenny filed complaints with the Sheriff's Department's internal affairs division. When those went nowhere, Kenny began a year-long campaign to get help from the Harris County Attorney’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office -- even the Texas Attorney General's Office.