Widow rejoices when late husband's final voicemail becomes available on new phone

HOUSTON – When Debora Taylor got a new phone, she lost all of her old voicemails.

Including a message that was the last time Taylor's husband told her he loved her.

She would listen to it every day.

For the Jersey Village woman, that voicemail was from her late husband who was a volunteer firefighter in Jersey Village… a voicemail that disappeared about a week ago.

"Hank was a hard worker," Debora said. "He was funny and loving a good husband and a good father."

Taylor would be the first to tell you her husband Hank was not only a great person, but a great firefighter.

Hank worked with the Jersey Village Fire Department and was a firefighter for almost 19 years.

When he and his wife of 10 years went on vacation, something seemed off.

"No symptoms, he was really tired," Debora said.

Doctors diagnosed Hank with small-cell lung carcinoma on Sept. 17, 2015.

He died one month later.

"When I get sad, I listen to it and then I remember we had a good life and that he loved me and that I loved him," Debora said.

Every day she would listen to the voicemail her husband left her.

"It's the only thing I have that has his voice telling me that he loves me," she said.

When she got a new phone last week, she lost all of her old voicemails including the one she listened to every day.

"I cried a lot, I just cried and thought, 'Oh well,'" she said.

A family friend of Debora's reached out to KPRC.

We contacted AT&T's corporate office, who helped Debora find the priceless voicemail.

"Don't know what time I'll be home, catch you later, love you bye."

Debora was also diagnosed with cancer.

We're happy to report she is in remission.

Debora says the past year in a half has been hard, but thanks to Houston Fire House 51 and the Bebee Foundation, they've made it easier on her.