Prosecutor who handled jailed rape victim case, 36 others, fired by new DA Kim Ogg

HOUSTON – During a Friday press conference with incoming District Attorney Kim Ogg, Ogg stood by her decision of letting go 37 prosecutors.

Among the prosecutors let go was Nick Socias, the man featured in a Channel 2 investigation that uncovered a rape victim being jailed.

Socias was the prosecutor in the case.

He, along with the district attorney's office, made the decision to throw an unstable rape victim, "Jenny" in jail for fear she would not complete her testimony in the trial against her rapist.

A judge agreed with the prosecutors and ordered her to jail. She spent a month locked up.

[WATCH: Kim Ogg press conference on firing of employees]

Ogg said they did a review of all staff personnel files and the 37, including Socias, did not meet her standards.

"Like with any good team that's suffered some underperforming seasons, we're changing management. My administration is headed in a new direction," Ogg said. "There have been many accusations, some court cases and quite a bit of controversy surrounding a number of prosecutors' actions over the last several years. Some of those lawyers are on this list and I'll leave it to you to draw your own conclusions."

Ogg officially takes office Jan. 1.

"Throughout the campaign, I promised Harris County an evidence-based approach to our criminal justice system," Ogg said in a statement. "This transition process is no different -- decisions are being made based on what is best to assure Harris County is a safe and just place for all families. I would like to thank all HCDAO employees for their service to the public."

Anderson released a statement Friday that read, "Today, Kim Ogg fired by email 37 experienced prosecutors 9 days before Christmas. With her first act as District Attorney, Ogg is endangering the citizens of Harris County. The dedicated prosecutors let go today had a combined 685 years of service."

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