Pasadena police asked to be vigilant due to increase in burglaries

PASADENA, Texas – Pasadena police have been urged to be vigilant after an increase in car burglaries on the south side of town.

The problem has gotten so serious, the police department sent a bulletin to its officers urging them to be vigilant and alert when they patrol. Residents say they also feel the need to stay watchful.

"I'll definitely be on the lookout for that," says Noel Lawrence. "That's surprising."

Surveillance video from this past Wednesday gives a look at some possible suspects. In the video, you see a dark-colored SUV driving down a street near Beltway 8 and Fairmont. The driver suddenly stops, backs up, and a passenger sits up in the open window. He then climbs out of the SUV just before 3:30 that morning. Police say that's around the time when one of the burglaries occurred.

Longtime residents say the rise in crime is not typical for this part of town.

"Loud New Year's Eve party, occasional domestic squabble or something," says homeowner Bruce Brinson as he thinks about the few disturbances the neighborhood has seen in the past. "But it's been a very quiet neighborhood."

Police say the thieves mainly have gotten away with tools, backpacks and loose change. But they're most concerned because the crooks also have stolen several guns. Neighbors say they'll be taking extra precautions.

"Just make sure I don't leave any belongings left out in open sight and make sure it's always locked," says Noel Lawrence. "Be aware of your surroundings as usual."

Police say the only lead they have is a dark-colored Chevrolet pickup, possible a Z-71 pickup truck. They say there is a group of thieves burglarizing vehicles at motels in Pasadena but they believe this is a separate group.

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